How Can Video Work For Your Business?

Whether you're a creative entrepreneur, an individual service provider, or local retailer, video is an unparalleled way for you to communicate with your customers and grow you business.

Expand - Connect - Grow



Expand your customer base, create an audience of likely clients, and capture new leads organically.

Videos on your home page not only boosts both your site's search ranking and visibility, but also makes people more likely to pick your page from their search results. Businesses with videos on their home page and landing pages are 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google results. And, video search results have a 41% higher click-through than plain text results.

Capture highly targeted search traffic by creating videos on the topics and keywords your ideal customers are searching for. Use How-To and Explainer videos to give these viewers the information they're looking for and make a strong, positive first impression and increase conversion rates by 10-20 percent.


Leverage the unique power of video to make personal, emotional connections, build trust, and create loyalty.

Video is the fastest growing content on the internet. More and more people are watching more videos every day. When 59% of people would rather watch video than read text about the same topic, you need video to stay in the conversation.

Make more effective use of your existing marketing content by adding video. With video you can increase your email open and click through rates and drive traffic to custom landing pages on your site.




Turn Viewers into Buyers

Make a genuine connection whether your videos star you and/or your team, or put your product/services front and center. Fun, engaging, and informative videos are an unparalleled way to build good will.

Expand your reach on social media with video content. Using the targeting power of Facebook, promote your videos into the feeds of your target customers to build an audience. With video, you can offer fun, engaging, and informative videos about topics your potential customers are interested in so that you can connect with future clients before they're aware they need your services.

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