Howard Homes Profile Video

Kim and Joe Howard are one of the top real estate teams in the Chicago area. We worked with this husband and wife team to create a profile video for the Howard Homes Team. An agent profile is more than just a video introduction, it’s an essential branding and marketing asset for real estate brokers. Our goal was to Kim and Joe’s story and let their future clients see what makes them great agents.


The Knock Method Workshop Promotional Video

We worked with blogger and marketing strategist Rebecca Leder to create a promotional video for her unique Knock Method Workshops. To craft her message, we wove together interview footage with video and photos from two Knock Method events. The final product not only shows viewers what the Knock Method is and what they’ll take away from a workshop, but it also lets them see Rebecca’s personal style and what her workshops are like.


Arlington Courthouse Listing Video

We created this Property Listing Video for a unit in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, VA. This trendy, rapidly growing area is fast becoming one of the most popular areas for young professionals in the Washington D.C. metro area. With fast-paced music to capture the energy and gravity of the nation’s capital, this video tells the story of the space and firmly locates the property in its neighborhood and the city.


StretchXperience Explainer Video

StretchXperience is a unique flexibility and movement clinic using full-body manual stretching. We worked with Steve Mills, the founder and creator of the custom StretchXperience Method, to create an explainer video to show website visitors what a flexibility clinic is and how the StretchXperience Method can help them.


StretchXperience FlexTips Content Marketing Videos

We developed the FlexTips series, a series of content marketing videos for StretchXperience. Each episode is designed to educate and provide easy to use stretching techniques, while integrating the “Strengthen and Lengthen” approach of the StretchXperience Method. The format is designed to build trust and authority for the StrechXperience brand and showcase the expertise of its creator, Steve Mills. FlexTips episodes have been used to drive click-through rates on email marketing, expand social media reach, and for long-tail content marketing on YouTube.


Reprise Roasters Customer Testimonial Video

After they opened their new location in Winnetka, IL, Reprise Roasters held a series of community events to introduce themselves to the community and showcase their coffee, their small-batch roasting style, and the farmers that grow their beans. Reprise quickly developed a devoted and passionate community. We joined them for one of their community events to create this testimonial video.

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